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History and Literature

Contemporary Literature:
Contemporary Literature
The Crucible [Arthur Miller]
The Catcher in the Rye [Salinger]

Victorian Times
18th/19th Century Literature:
Alice in Wonderland
Charles Dickens
The Prince and the Pauper [Mark Twain]
Jane Austen

British and American Literature
Children and Literature
Fantasy Literature

Harry Potter 
Literary Places

English Language

English Language 

Language, Society and Power

Learning the English Language
Language and Gender
Advertising, Media and Propaganda
Phonetics and Phonology 
Register, Accents and Regional Varieties
More Accents
Etymology and Word Study
Colloquial English and Slang
More Slang and Colloquial Language
Strong Language

Shakespeare: his life, works and language


More Shakespeare
Even More Shakespeare!

English Language Teaching

English Language Teaching  

English Readers
Games and Activities
Teaching Very Young Learners

Cultural Issues


American Culture
Food and Culture